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Hi! Hello!

Currently I'm working full-time as a Software Developer, mostly as a backend developer. Even though I'm always curious of tech-related things, I did not plan to work around technology and yet here I am. For me, being a developer means I need to keep learning about new things so that I won't be left behind. I was right and I was wrong, it's true that learning about a new technology make me a better developer but sometimes it's okay just to keep honing the tool that I already master to begin with.

I started my career as a Computer Science Lecturer, that was also when I started to realize that sharing my knowledge is one of the best thing I ever felt. I got to teach the younger generation and learn about a lot of things in the process. I've not teach any students these days, but I still want to keep sharing my knowledge through Youtube and Github. Leaving Academia Career could be a choice that I regret or not, only time will tell.

Being a software developer is not an easy thing to do for me, I was not a good at coding back then, I got much to learn. But one thing I'm sure is I love being a software developer!

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