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Earlier this year I was tasked to help in rewriting an Indonesian-made chat app, that project make me curious about chatting app, is there an open-source chat app that has a guaranted security? Signal is one that I found that not only easy to setup our own private server, but also has a great community support. During the process of learning how to deploy our own Signal Server, I saw a lack of comperhensive guide, that’s why I decided to wrote a guide by compiling the guide from the community and adding my own solution to the problems i stumbled upon.

For those who want to build their own secure chat app that support Android, iOS, and Desktop clients, Signal is what you are looking for. Edward Snowden himself recommended Signal on his Twitter. Follow this guide to start your journey on making your own signal chat messenger, but please do remember that this guide is meant for a starting point, to make your server even more secure, you need to do some hardening that meet your needs and that will not be covered by the guide.

What the guide contains?

Check it out on Github. Feel free to open an issue if you find any difficulties.

Made Indra

Made Indra

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